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Welcome to Contra Costa Electrical Compliance

Contra Costa Electrical Compliance (CCEC) is a Labor Management Compliance group focused on maintaining a level playing field for all Electrical and Sound & Communication Contractors bidding on Public Works Contracts. We are a non-profit organization established to assist workers, contractors and awarding agencies in compliance with state prevailing wages, labor and public contracting codes; and also adherence to the Davis-Bacon and Fair Labor Standards Act.

Our Mission:

Ensure Electrical Workers are properly compensated for the classification of work performed and informed them on wage and hour laws

Inform Contractors undertaking public works contracts their obligation to adhere to

  • Wage and Hours Laws
  • Apprenticeship Laws
  • Proper Worker Classification and Record Keeping Laws
  • Health and Safety Laws

Assist Awarding Agencies on monitoring contractors performing on public works projects through

  • Job site monitoring
  • Maintaining a signatory contractor database
  • Maintaining current labor law information
  • Correcting non-compliance via the state agencies
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